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Steve Dewar is a Scottish folksinger, songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Edinburgh by his mother Janet Dewar and his father Alistair Dewar. When Steve was 12 years old he picked up the guitar and started playing and singing, he never put the guitar down again. From 1987 till 1993 Steve played as guitarist (electric) in the Scottish band Political Asylum. Since 1998 he has been playing solo or accompanied by his band, at big and small stages, throughout Europe with his self-written repertoire and exciting take on Celtic folk music. Steve played at numerous Celtic festivals and Highland Games, for example;  Schloss Hohenlimburg Celtic Festival, Rock the Kilt, Irish Folk and Celtic Music Festival Balver Höhle, Summerfolk Festival, Magdeburger Irish Folk Festival, Highland Gathering Peine, Felsenmeer Celtic Folk Festival, Knockengorroch, Méire Morough Folk Festival and Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival. Besides the bigger stages he plays also at smaller venues like the Spring Market in Bourtange, Vera or at Irish Pubs. Sometimes Steve goes back to his roots and plays at venues in the area of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Steve is influenced by his upbringing in Edinburgh, he gives traditional folk songs a new lease of life but they retain their authenticity and integrity. That, mixed with his own unique songs makes for a powerful and diverse experience. Steve's show will transport you to many places and times in the Celtic world. Traditional songs, contemporary songs and his own work, flow effortlessly through each other.  Ballads, love songs, songs of hard labour, hard times, drinking, fighting, historical songs, silly songs and not to forget – life in general.

Steve's EP
A Break in the Waves

Steve Dewar celtic folk musician

A Break in the Waves

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