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Steve Dewar and Lena Dewar Celtic Wedding Ceremony
Dewar - Star of the County Down
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DEWAR - Celtic Music
that makes your Feet Move
your Heart Sing!

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DEWAR, a flaming, energetic and dynamic Celtic folk band, plays throughout Europe. Once a year they go back to Steve's roots and perform in The Highlands of Scotland. With their powerful songs, sensitive ballads and Celtic melodies they touch the soul of their audience and give them an energy boost.

The band plays Celtic traditionals and original music. The core of the group are Edinburgh born and bred Steve Dewar (guitar, vocals & bodhrán) and native dutch Lena Dewar (vocals & fiddle). You can find more information about Lena Dewar at her website More recently, Dennis Delger, has joined the Dewar duo to make up the trio format adding bodhrán and cajon to the mix. Whether duo or trio it is music played with a bright flame and from the heart. Besides English lyrics there are also songs sung in Gealic - either in standard song or puirt à beul (translated directly; tunes from the mouth).

Lena Dewar

To give you an idea of the repertoire of Dewar, here are some examples:

Songs; Star of the County Down(Irish ballad), Leaving of Liverpool (sea shanty), Couldn't come at a better time (Luka Bloom), Drunken sailor (sea shanty), Breaking the Waves & Celebrate (composed by Steve Dewar), From Clare to here(Ralph mcTell).

Tunes; Out on the ocean (jig), The high road to Linton (reel), Calum's road (strathspey), John Ryan's Polka, Top of Maol(Polka) Inisheer (walz), The Butterfly (slip jig).

Gaelic songs; Hé mo Leannan, Suilean Dubh, Chí mi na Mórbheanna.

Dennis Delger

As well as duo and trio, the band are also available, with guest musicians. One of the guest musicians is the Irish musician, Eamonn Kane (bodhrán, vocals, guitarist). Subject to availability you can book Dewar for your event – whether it be a birthday party,  company party,  wedding, Irish/Scottish night, Highland Games, festival, or just down the pub.
If you have any questions about bookings or if you have other questions about Dewar, don't hesitate to contact Steve Dewar by phone through
0031-683556782 or fill in the form at the Contact & Bookings page of this website.

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