Steve Dewar and Lena Dewar Celtic Wedding Ceremony

About The Dewars

Steve Dewar married at the 24th of June 2016 his Dutch wife Lena Dewar. Steve and Lena love creating and playing music together. Steve is singing and playing guitar and bodhrán and Lena is playing fiddle and singing Gaelic. They are playing Scottish/Irish instrumental tunes/songs and songs composed by Steve. Besides singing in English, Steve and Lena are singing puirt à beul and Lena sings also Gaelic Songs. Puirt à beul, "tunes from a mouth", is a traditional form of song native to Scotland that sets Gaelic lyrics to instrumental tune melodies. Historically, they were used to accompany dancing in the absence of instruments and to transmit instrumental tunes orally. The Dewars are mainly performing in Germany and The Netherlands.